Cloud-enable your apps

A free customizable file browser and a 

self hosted node.js API server.

Manage your users' cloud services 

from your application.

Live Demo

Self hosted

Cloud Explorer is free and open source, so you can host it anywhere, even for free on Heroku

Download on github.

Simple to use

Cloud Explorer is very simple to set-up in your app. And also straightforward for your users.

Instructions on github.

Full control

A powerful API on client and server sides. Have full control over your users' data.

Start now on github.

Your users deserve to own their data

Supported services

Dropbox            FTP/SFTP           Github

Services to come

Seafile, ownCloud, Pydio, BTSync
Amazon S3, WebDav
MediaFire, Firedrive, Box, OneDrive

Contribute your own or hire one of us to speed up the integration of new services

see the contributors' list here.

Your app need to take control over the cloud services

Unifile is Cloud Explorer's backend.

It has a beautiful node.js API:
the server side API

And Cloud Explorer makes it easy to expose 
as an HTTP API

The Javascript API is very simple:
  • choose a file or folder
  • read and write to the files
  • upload files

See the instructions on github

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